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I – Advices

In order to increase your chances of finding love of meet interesting people, we advice you to follow these simple rules.

1°) Fill in your profile page completly once you've registered.

  • Answer all questions. If you don't want to answer a specific one, juste select "I will answer later"

  • Write a description in the Description tab of your profile page. Don't by shy! Describe your qualities and stay yourself. Be original, reaveal your tru personality. Beware of typos!

  • Publish at least one picture of yourself. You can also add a private picture that only members you want will see. By adding pictures, you will multiply your chances of meeting someone.

 2°) Do the first step. Send a mail or a wink. Contact as many members matching your criteas as you can.

3°) Login regularly and be the first to contact newly registered members.

4°) For a first contact, prefer a short and well written content that will make the recipient interested in learning more about you.

5°) In you first mail, don't make too many jokes, as everyone don't have the same sense of humor.

6°) Never give your personnal email address of phone number in the first messages. Wait a little longer for that.

7°) Don't ask directly a picture. You contact person may think you're only interested in physica appearence.

8°) Stay polite. Remember you can block an annoying member by adding him/her to your blacklist or report us this member by using the Report an abuse button.

9°) You should answer every message you receive, even if you're not interested.

10°) How can you answer to someone you're not intered in?

If you don't have ay feeling for this member or don't share any hobby with him/her, choose the right formula to not break his/her feelings. Don't offer false hopes by proposing an simple friendship.

11°) Your first meeting

After some messages and chatting with another member, you'll want to meeting this persn physically.
-Don't expect too much of this meeting. Go there relaxed, it's the best way to have a good time.
- Don't go directly for a long dinner, you may have a long day if there aren't any feelings after a few minutes.

It will sometimes need a few months to be sure you're with the right person.


II – Security advices :

  1. Take your time to exchange with someone
    For your first messages, you should only use Chocomeet's mailbox feature. Don't hesitate to stop a correspondence and try with someone else if you have any doubts.

  1. Stay anonymous as long a you can.
    Chocomeet's mailbox is completly anonymous. Never say ton anyone if your first messages your name, phone number, address or anything allowing to discover your identity. If someone is insisting too much to obtain your real name, just stop writing him/her and use the blacklist feature.

  2. Common sense is needed
    A healthy relationship is built with a minimum of restraint and reflection. Avoid contact if you have any doubt about your interlocutor intentions. Trust is earned gradually. Take time to assess the personality of the member. If you suspect someone is lying to you, it probably is, so act accordingly. Do not fall in love in the first mouse click. If you decide by mutual agreement to meet somewhere, the same caution should applied...

  1. Accept a meeting only if you want it too.
    The great advantage of online dating is that you can accumulate information over messages and only then decide if it's worth the cost to continue the relationship with a real meeting. You are not obligated to meet anyone, it depends of the level of intimacy you have established online. And even if you have agreed to a meeting, you can always change your mind at the last moment. Rely on your intuition more than logic, it is an excellent guide in human relations.

  1. Decipher the unspoken.
    Be attentive to mood swings of your contact (anger, frustration, intimidation or manipulation). Passive, aggressive, disrespectful comments or any physically inappropriate behavior are all red flags that you chould consider. Stay on your guard if your contact behaves without providing an acceptable explanation like:

    • Giving you inconsistent informations about age, activities, personal situation, profession, employer, etc.

    • Refusing to talk on the phone despite the degree of complicity you've reached in your messages.

    • Responding inconsitently to direct questions.

    • Having a physical appearence of personality very different of the displayed profile.

    • Refusing to present you to friends of family.

  2. Meet in a safe public place.
    If you agree to meet a member, tell a friend where you go and when you will return. Give him/her the name and the phone of the person you'll see. Arrange to visit the site on your own (do not leave this member pick you up) and meet in a public. If possible, choose a café or restaurant that you frequent often, and go home on your own at the end of the evening. In case you decide to go elsewhere, take your car.

  1. Take extra precautions when you're far from your home.
    If you go to another city, arrange for a car and a hotel room. Do not disclose the hotel name to the person you meet and do not let him/her make the reservation for you. Arriving in the city, go directly to your hotel. Call the person from the hotel or meet at the place and time agreed. If the location you chose seems inappropriate or unsafe, go back to your hotel and try to contact her by calling the restaurant / bar or leave a message on the phone. Always make sure a friend or family member knows your plans and knows where to reach you. Wherever possible, carry a mobile phone with you.

  1. Do not put yourself in danger.
    Never do anything unless you feel safe. If the person you meet scares you, defuse the situation and leave the area. Excuse yourself to call a friend and ask him/her for advice, ask for help from someone who is in the room or slip out the back door and drive away. If you feel in danger, call the police, prevention is better than cure. Your safety is more important than what might think or say other.

If there are liars, cheaters and imposters on the net they can also be found in nightclubs and offline dating services, cocktail parties or even the local coffee shop. Whatever the context, the appointment with a virtually unknown person always involve risks, but with a degree of caution, your biggest disappointment is limited to a sentimental disappointment!

We wish you to make beautiful dating or finding love on

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